Well, it’s nearly Christmas and we are all busy buying presents and making them ready for the big day. The Village Kitchen had a busy November with 12 posts and lots of happy customers spending time with us in Edwinstowe.

We hope you enjoy these posts with links to all we wrote about in November. Here are the links to the post in case you must any.

  1. Tea Quote Tuesday
  2. 13 Reasons to Read Through The Village Kitchen Posts for October
  3. Tea or Water, which is the Best to Drink?
  4. 10 Tea Advent Calendars to Start Your Christmas Countdown
  5. November Fruit & Vegetables
  6. 10 Great Cooking Tips
  7. A few more Fascinanting Facts about Coffee
  8. 4 Foodie Books to Buy This Christmas
  9. The Tea Appreciation Society – a Great Christmas Gift
  10. 10 Tips on Using Different Types of Oils in Baking
  11. 7 Tips on How to Get Your Oven Clean Ready for Christmas
  12. More Tea Pairings with Food and Gifts for Christmas

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