National Vegetarian Week takes place from 15th-21st May, 2023. Eat veggie, cut carbon, drive change!

National Vegetarian Week is the perfect reason to give vegetarian food a go! And, whether it’s going veggie all week or just for one meal – you’ll still be making a real difference.

Plant-based food has a much lower carbon footprint, so by choosing more veggie meals, you’re making real carbon savings! The amount of carbon saved by your veggie dinner can be the same as driving long distances in a car.

The National Vegetarian Week recipes are all carbon-calculated, allowing you to see the difference you’re making by swapping even a single meal for a veggie one this week.

It’s easy to get involved: check out the recipes, spread the word on social media, eat some delicious veggie food and…make your meals better by miles!

There is lots of tasty recipes on the site as well as celebrities supporting vegetarian week.

For more details on the challenge head to the National Vegetarian Week page here.


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