The Soil Association say September is the middle-ground between autumn and winter, which makes for a wonderful blend of summer salads and heartier winter vegetables that are starting to come into season.  

Look out for UK-grown:

– Aubergines – the best of the UK season are available until the end of September

– Beetroots – remain in season until about October, perfect for those ‘transition’ meals, from summer salads to warming autumnal dishes

– Butternut squash and the first pumpkin varieties are beginning to come into season

– Cauliflowers – the start of winter season cauliflowers become available in September

– Courgettes & Marrows – reaching the end of the summer season, but some crops still available

– Leeks – the fist of these wonderful winter veg are coming into season

September is foraging season! Britain’s hedgerows are full of life right now, packed with fruits and berries. In the wild, in gardens, and in the shops, you can find:

– Apples

– Blackberries

– Pears

– Plums

– Raspberries

– Sloes

September is also the best time to make the most of the nuts on offer in the UK.  Sweet chestnuts and hazelnuts (cobnuts) abound at this time of year. And many areas still celebrate with a traditional harvest festival at this time of year.


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