Here are a five unusual facts you probably never knew about coffee.

In ancient Arab culture, a woman could only divorce her husband if he didn’t like her coffee. The tradition still lives on in Saudi Arabia, however, where a woman has legal ‘grounds’ for divorce if her husband fails to bring her fresh coffee every morning.

The word espresso comes from Italian and means “expressed” or “forced out”. Espresso is made by forcing very hot water under high pressure through finely ground, compacted coffee.

Coffee beans grow on a bush. They are actually the pit of a berry, which makes them a fruit. There are two main varieties of beans, green and red. The different parts of the coffee cherry have an impact on processing method and on your coffee’s final profile.

Beethoven was such an ardent coffee lover that he’d count 60 beans per cup before making his brew.

Arabica coffee was originally cultivated on the Arabian Peninsula, hence the name. Robusta coffee is a more hardy plant but contains double the amount of caffeine.

Source: Perfect Daily Ground, Death By Coffee Agiboo Coffee, Metro, Clio Coffee


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