May was a bit of a wet month but it did not dampen our mood. We enjoyed a few days of sunshine but we have a lot of making up to do for June.

We had some more lovely five reviews left on Google for us from Helen Parkin, Julie Willmott and Anna Busby. We cannot thank you all enough for our reviews they make our day very special when we read them.

We also wrote thirteen posts in May (phew) which included –

Dementia UK’s Time for a Cuppa Week which was the 1st-8th May and a worthy cause for anyone to support.

National Vegetarian Week took place on the 10-16th May.

One of our lovely quotes in May from The Village Kitchen was –Procrastinating…The art of making cupcakes instead of doing something else you should be doing…

We wrote about Ten More Baking Tips to help you get your cakes perfect.

We told you the best fruit and vegetables that are available in May.

We found another great coffee quote for you – “But even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all” – David Lynch

National Biscuit Day took place on 29th May, which gave us all an excuse to enjoy another biscuit.

We gave you a few more fascinating tea facts.

More tips on how to bake the best cake. You should all be experts now.

World Milk Day

We found a lovely poem – Small and Early

We wrote a post on 8 Traditional but Great Household Tips (the old ones are always the best.

And the last post of May was – When Did UK’s First Tea Shop Open.?

We hope you enjoyed our posts in May and will enjoy some more news on World Picnic Week tips and quotes for June.


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