National Chocolate Mousse Day– 3rd April – Though originally from France in the 18th century, chocolate mousse has gained popularity over the years to become a celebrated dessert in the world that it has its own celebration day in the year. April 3 is considered a National Chocolate Mousse Day.

Whether you like it airy, creamy, light or thick is up to you because the taste of chocolate mousse is delicious and tasty in any form. What matters is your preparation techniques.

The best part is that you can present it the way you like it. You can serve your chocolate mousse in a juice glass, shot glass or even a martini glass. Basically you get to choose how you want to enjoy the heavenly taste of chocolate mousse with friends or family members.

Great British Beef Week – 23rd – 30th April – GBBW is returning for a 13th year to celebrate ‘naturally delicious’ British beef, renowned around the world for its quality and sustainability credentials.

Launching on Sunday 23rd April and continuing to Sunday 30th April. GBBW will see farmers, processors, retailers, butchers and chefs uniting once again to share recipes, real-life farming stories and infographics on social media and in the press. There will also be promotions on beef packs, on counter, on menu and in-store.

Use #GBBW2023 on your social posts when using these assets or posting about GBBW.  Also do connect with us on Twitter @Ladiesinbeef1 or Facebook @ladiesinbeef, we’d love to hear from you. Look here for more details.

International Carrot Day – 4th April, 2023 -The International Carrot Day or the Carrot Day is celebrated every year on April 4th and is the pinnacle for carrot lovers all around the world. It is the day when the carrot is celebrated through carrot parties and other carrot related festivities.

The Carrot Day was founded 2003 to spread knowledge about the carrot and its good attributes around the world.The day is increasingly popular and April 4th 2012 carrot celebration was reported from France, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Australia, UK and Japan. Now it is your turn to be carrot ambassador and continue spreading the message!

For more details look here .

National Tea Day – April 21st – National Tea Day 2023 is going to be one for the history books! We will be uniting as a nation to ‘raise a cuppa’ in celebration of our proud British Teatime heritage. We wish to come together in solidariTEA and share our huge love for tea as a nation. National Tea Day 2023 will also mark the first National Tea Day event since Her Majesty’s departure and with it being her birthday, we wish to celebrate with you, as we all know our Queen loved a good cup of tea.

Enjoy inspiring, immersive, interactive teatime experiences that go far beyond your traditional brew to embrace wellbeing, sophisticated food pairings, and cocktail mixology. Explore the amazing breadth of choice and variety that the world of artisan tea, cold brews and herbal infusions has to offer. Discover organic, sustainable, ethically sourced teas of outstanding quality and exemplary taste for happiness, health and adventure. Celebrate the power of tea in bringing us together to create the most memorable of experiences.

Every year the nation shares its love of tea through exciting events, fun and informative online content and of course, the quintessential British Afternoon Tea.

As we all know, the Great British answer to everything is to “stick the kettle on” and make it all better. Therefore National Tea Day 2023 is about uniting the nation to ‘raise a cuppa’ together, in light of the last few challenging years. Here at National Tea Day HQ, we are extremely proud of our Great British Teatime. 2023 will bring together a number of iconic British brands, creating fun and exciting competitions and content to celebrate Teatime and all things British. For more information look here

Stop FOod Waste Day – 26th April 2023 -Stop Food Waste Day is the largest single day of action in the fight against food waste. It started in 2017 by Compass Group USA, Stop Food Waste Day is now recognised globally in every corner of the world as we unite to educate and ignite change.

Did you know that, one third* of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally? Food waste is central to some of the key challenges facing the world today, including hunger and poverty, climate change, health and wellbeing and the sustainability of agriculture and oceans. Wasting food is also a waste of the energy to grow, harvest, process and cook, and food waste in landfill can cause methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas. *Source: World Food Programme

Their mission at Stop Food Waste Day is to ignite change regarding the global food waste issue. They do this by drawing attention to the problem, at the same time educating through engaging with society at all levels and sharing practical, creative, and impactful ways we can all change our behaviour to minimise food waste.

It’s easy for everyone to get involved with reducing the impact of food waste, not just on Stop Food Waste Day, but day in, day out – both in our personal and professional lives. For more information look here.

Source: National Day The Tea Gorup Stop Food Waste Day Ladies in Beef Carrot Day


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