A few cheeky Secret Santa gifts for foodie lovers…

  1. Diabolical Gift People Ring For Prosecco Keychain/ Keyring Bell – £5.00 –

2. Grow Me Sprouts Kit – This kit includes everything needed to grow your own sprouts – £5.76

3. Stainless Steel Wine LCD Thermometer Bottle Beer Red Wines Bracelet Temperature Sensor –£7.78

4. Argon Tableware Starter Serving Slate Side Plate for Food and Antipasti -£6.99

5. 2 Pcs Whiskey Ice Ball Maker Mould Food Grade Silicone – Round Ice Cube Moulds – Heat Tolerant & Leak Proof – Perfect with Whiskey, Gin, Negroni & Cocktails – £4.99

6. For the sustainable friend a recycled reusable bag from Kind Bag – Made from 100% recycled plastic waste, these stylish bags are great for food shopping – £8

7. For that friend or business associate who has a passion for the hot stuff. A great ‘ Some Like It Hot’ badge from Basilandford – Made with quality hard enamel set in black nickel with a black rubber clutch. Supplied on a designed backing board and sealed in a lovely little poly bag. £10


8. One of my absolute favourites not only for the reasonable price is this ‘Blade Rhino Knife Sharpener‘ from Oliver Bonas at £10

9. How about this Stainless Steel Mini Cocktail Shaker 10oz for only £4.99 from Drink Stuff Personalise your drinks service with the small yet stylish Stainless Steel Mini Cocktail Shaker from bar@drinkstuff. At 10oz, this shaker is perfect for individual and unique cocktails, making it ideal for drinks at home. Made from stainless steel, this mini shaker comes complete with a built-in strainer for quick and easy serving.

10. Are you buying a secret Santa gift for a music fan? Even rockstars like to use a nice bit of silverware at teatime. The axe-shaped bodies of these ‘Rockstir’ teaspoons make a cool present for the musician in the team. £4.99


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