With most of the UK in a heatwave at the moment, it is important that we know how to keep our food safe during this time.

1.When you are at the supermarket do not pick up your chilled or frozen items until the end of your shop and if you have a cool bag you can take with you pot them inside this for the journey home.

2. Your fridge must be 5C or below 8C and do not leave the door open for any length of time as this can change the temperature.

3. Defrost foods in the fridge rather than in your kitchen.

4. Transfer any frozen or chilled foods immediately you get home into the fridge or freezer.

5. Cover any foods you have out with fly covers to avoid any unwanted flies landing on them.

 6. Ensure good air circulation and put in fans to cool the air of the space.

7. Keep any lights off in the area unless they are absolutely needed.

8. Your hands can be a tool for transferring germs from one food item to another. Wash your hands often while preparing food or putting it away. 

9. Separate meat from other ingredients.

10. Be sure the food is already cold before putting leftovers into the fridge.


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