Here are ten more of our great cooking tips for you to use.

  1. To prevent the usual unpleasant odour from your cabbage, add a piece of crushed ginger along with cabbage and boil.
  2. Pop your ear of corn in the microwave and watch it fall right out of the husk.
  3. To prevent some of the fruit in your fruit salad from turning brown place the bananas and the apples down first then add the rest of the fruit on top. Finish it with a sprinkle of sugar or honey and leave it in the fridge then just before you serve mix it all together.
  4. If you add a few drops of oil to rice before you cook it will stop it from becoming sticky.
  5. Do not store onions and potatoes together as they will rot quickly.
  6. If you grow your own mint keep a few leaves in the freezer as they will remove any odours.
  7. Use your potato peeler on chocolate to make a great garnish.
  8. Never store your tomatoes in the fridge as they will lose their flavour.
  9. Always wash your rice it removes dirt, dust, debris, chemicals, and bugs.
  10. Do not store spices in direct sunlight it will ruin the flavour.

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