January seems to have flown by but it did not stop us from writing 15 posts for you to read during last month. We kicked off with a post about when we were opening our doors again in January.

1.Opening in January

2. Our Specials Board at The Village Kitchen

3. Fact: There is a Certain Way to Pour Tea According to Scientists

4. Fruit and Vegetables in Season for January –

5. Breakfast Muffins at The Village Kitchen

6. Pie and Peas at The Village Kitchen

7. National Chocolate Cake Day 27th January 2022

8. New to Our Sides/Light Bite Menu – Nachos

9. Live Longer By Drinking Green Tea

10. Our Favourite – Bacon Brie & Cranberry Toastie

11. Our Delicious Hot Chocolate with Cream

12. Foodie Preservation Tip

13. Baking Tip Thursday

14. A Lovely Quote to Start the Week

15. A Couple of Fascinating Facts About Coffee

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