We all love our tea but have you thought about growing your own? Well, there are some great kits you can buy which make growing your own tea very easy.

This cute Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Kit is only £9.50 from My Little Co Shop

Grow your own Herbal Tea with these easy to use Tea-Balls containing Camomile, Lemon Balm and Peppermint seeds that later form flavoursome flowers and foliage for a delicious herbal drink. Ideal for growing on your kitchen windowsill – no need for a garden or outdoor space!

The perfect eco friendly letterbox gift for tea drinkers, gardeners and cooking enthusiasts.

Each Tea-Ball Kit Contains:
– 4 x Camomile Tea-Balls
– 4 x Peppermint Tea-Balls
– 4 x Lemon Balm Tea-Balls 

The Gluttonous Gardener have this Tea Growbar on Not On The High Street Just add water to this nifty Growbar, and it will produce a flourishing collection of fresh herbs to brew into soothing and reviving teas. Peppermint, Camomile and Fennel have been carefully chosen for their beauty, fragrance and flavour – making this a perfect gift for someone partial to a good cuppa.

Growing plants from seeds is hugely rewarding and Growbar makes it so simple. All you’ll need is a small container on a sunny windowsill, some water and a little patience. Within 6-8 weeks your healthy seedlings will be ready to plant in pots or in the garden. Each Growbar is carefully handmade and beautifully packaged, chocolate bar-style, by a small team in South London. Full care instructions are included. Made from compressed coir bar containing Peppermint, Camomile and Fennel seeds. Growbar is 100% eco-friendly. Coir is made with coconut fibres and is a sustainable alternative to peat. The recyclable film wrap is made from sugar cane. The Tea Growbar only costs £12.

Another great kit is this one from Amazon by Garden PackMedicinal Herb Seed Growing KitGrow Your Own Indoor Gardening Gift Herbal Tea Herbs Starter Kit – 12 Seeds Box, Gloves with Claws, Pots, Markers. This is a collection of 12 most popular healing and culinary herbs which can be made into homegrown remedies. Useful and easy-to-grow: Camomile, Yarrow, Thyme, Melissa, Coneflower, Sage, Basil, Oregano, St John’s Wort, Wormwood, and Marigold.

Many of these 12 traditional heirloom herbs can be brewed into teas or used for aromatherapy, tinctures, and salves that have been used for centuries to relieve ailments. If you are looking for night time calming tea, just brew a hot drink from your hand-picked camomile or lavender.

The Grow Kit equips you with 2 high quality rubber Gardening Gloves with Claws, 6 Biodegradable Peat Pots, 6 Bamboo Plant Markers and a detailed Gardening Guide. Everything to make sure your gardening experience will be smooth, fun, and most importantly, a huge success. The cost is £12.95

All Things Brighton Beautiful have this grow you own tea plant kit on Not On The High Street. These amazing kits have all you need to grow your own tea plant at home. Harvest and dry the leaves for the ultimate in home grown tea. Whether a keen gardener or someone who enjoys herbal tea, there’s nothing more satisfying than growing your own chamomile flowers and drinking some tea you’ve brewed at home.

Their Grow your own tea kit has been specifically designed to the highest quality. They say a greenhouse, conservatory or even a sunny window are all adequate to grow this amazing plant. Inside the Tea Plant Kit are two large terracotta coloured small plant pots (one 9cm tall, the other 6cm tall), one saucer (9cm in diameter), two professional grow pelles, two plant pot tays, two wooden label sticks and your tea plant seeds. An instruction sheet is also included on how to grow and take care of your new arrival. Their seeds have a shelf life of 12-18 months, and are made from Terracotta-coloured plant pots, professional grow pellet, plant pot trays, wooden label sticks and your tea plant seeds. It costs £17.95

My final choice is from the site So Seed Kits and it is Grow Your Own Peppermint Seed Kit.

Grow your own Peppermint plant at home with this eco-friendly seed kit, complete with growing materials and an illustrated print. Peppermint is a favourite herbal tea as it’s so refreshing, aids digestion and helps to relieve headaches. Easy to grow, Peppermint does well indoors or outdoors, grown in a container.

With easy to follow instructions, So kits are great for kids, anyone new to growing plants, the seasoned gardener, and make beautiful gifts that benefit people and the planet. The seeds can be grown indoors all year long, as long as they’re in a bright position. The kit contains all the materials you need to get your seedlings started:

  • 3 x wood pulp pots
  • 3 x coir compost pellets
  • A reclaimed oak markers (made from old whisky barrels in Scotland!)
  • Peppermint seeds
  • An A6 hand illustrated botanical print with info about plant properties and uses
  • Sowing instructions and sustainability info about current environmental issues connected to growing food

The kit materials and packaging are all recycled, reclaimed and biodegradable. You can literally add it to the compost heap! It cost £19

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