Coeliac Disease and being allergic to Gluten are similar allergies but not exactly the same.  Coeliac disease is a hereditary allergy to gluten that caused damage to the intestinal lining of the small intestine.  Gluten allergy does not damage the small intestines but cause many of the same symptoms as Coeliac disease. But they both need managing especially with ready meals or takeaways.

People with coeliac disease have to follow a strict gluten free diet or else they risk damaging their small intestine. It’s easy to follow a gluten free diet when you are home and eating what you cook, but like I said difficult with ready meals and takeaways.

Gluten Free Food Checker App – which is FREE with in-app purchases. Coeliac UK say

This app has been developed by Coeliac UK and enables you to search nearly 200,000 food products to find which are suitable for your gluten free diet. The app also includes:

  • a barcode scanner
  • lists of ingredients and nutritional information for products
  • ready made product lists
  • our new labelling video to help you choose make choices in the mainstream supermarket aisles.

If you also have other dietary requirements, you can update your food preferences profile by choosing from 14 allergen options, and filtering  products that don’t contain those products.

Gluten Free Food Checker is free to download but only available to Coeliac UK members and is included within your current membership fee. 

You can download the app from the Apple App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices. If you are not a member, but would like to use the app, join now and start using the app straight away!

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