3/5 sponge cakes pieces or trifle sponges
2 tablespoons sponge cake crumbs
1 tablespoon jam (your favourite flavour)
1 tin of fruit in syrup ( to match the jam)
1 pint custard

Heat oven to 350F/180C/Gas 4
Grease a heat proof dish suitable for trifle
Dust with 1 tablespoon of your cake crumbs
Split the side of the cake pieces/trifle sponges and spread with jam
Strain the fruit but keep the syrup
Pour a small amount of the syrup onto the bottom of your dish on top of the crumbs
Arrange a layer of sponge cake
Arrange another layer of fruit on top of the sponge cake
Pour a little syrup over this
Repeat and finish all the syrup
Leave to stand for one hour
Make your custard or use ready made and pour over the sponge
Sprinkle the remaining cake crumbs on top of the custard
Bake for about half an hour to heat through and set
Serve hot


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