Love food, hate waste is an online community who are determined to not waste good food. Here, at The Village Kitchen we cater specifically so we do not waste any of our food.

Love food, hate waste can be found online. You can join the community and make food waste a thing of the past – there’s so much you can do. 

Sign up to their mailing list for news and views, share your favourite recipes on social media, visit an event or even host one yourself.

Pledge your support today and inspire the food saving heroes of tomorrow.

Here in the UK, millions of us are already doing our bit to use more of the food we buy each week. Between us, we’re saving £3.4 billion a year compared with 2007, not to mention saving 5.0 million tonnes of CO2 – that’s like taking 2.2 million cars off the road. So, keeping good food out of the bin really does make a difference.


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