There are so many things you can use tea bags for after you have had your cuppa. From cooking with them to dying with them.

1.You can spice up your soups or casserole’s as there are lots of different flavours for you to use.

2.If you wash your hair with herbal tea it will make your hair silky and shiny.

3.You can place a couple of green tea bags under the taps as your run your hot water for the bath and the antioxidants in the tea will rehydrate your skin.

4.Or give yourself a facial with a warm wet tea nag. The tannins in the tea will tighten your pores and reduce puffiness. You can also place them on your eyes to get rid of puffy eyes.

5.If you have a razor burn, you can sooth it by applying a wet tea bag onto the affected area.

6.You can dye things with it. You can use it for making antique looking pages, or soak a garment in it. The longer you leave it to soak the darker the shade will be.

7.It can also stop your gums from bleeding by placing a wet tea bag onto the site.

8.They can even stop foot odour. Just soak your feet in strongly brewed tea for around twenty minutes.

9.Clean wood furniture and floors with it.

10.Or fertilize plants by sprinkling tea around your plants (empty tea bags) and cover with mulch. The nutrients from the tea will be released into the soil which can spur on growth.

11.And, for planting healthier plants, place a few used tea bags on top of the drainage layer at the bottom of the planter before potting. It helps them retain water.


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