#Ten tips on how to improve your baking…

#1. Try using tea cakes or hot cross buns for a tastier bread and butter pudding.

#2. To bring out the taste of chocolate in most recipes, add a few coffee granules.

#3. Left over chocolate can be used to make some home made chocolates. Simply melt the chocolate in a bowl over hot water and add nuts and raisins. Cool the mixture and make it into balls and chill.

#4. Substitute yoghurt for milk to make lighter scones.

#5. To give a cake a wonderful golden glow, try adding custard powder to the basic sponge mixture.

#6. Cakes will never stick if you use olive oil to grease the tins.

#7. If your cakes always come out cracked , then put a dish of cold water in the bottom of the oven before baking.

#8. To make fluffier, lighter cakes, whip the egg whites separately before adding to the recipe.

#9. When putting the jam into a Victoria Sponge cake, warm it first as it spreads more easily.

#10.To keep cakes fresh in a tin throw in half an apple.


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