Our supplier of the month at #thevillagekitchen this month is Novus Award Winning Teas. 

Novus teas have won lots of awards over the years and have a large selection of teas to choose from but our customers still have their favourite teas. Two of the most popular are Sapphire Early Grey

Sapphire Earl Grey Tea

Novus Sapphire Earl Grey Tea is bright, brisk and has coppery tones with subtle lemon notes at the back of the palette, light and refreshing, and their English Breakfast Tea which is scattered with golden tips this blend is both clean and rich with hints of malt notes.

Novus award-winning English Breakfast Tea is a world-class English Breakfast Blend is far from ordinary. Blended with three different Assam leaf, it delivers a well rounded full-bodied breakfast tea. Only the finest tea estates are used to select this blend which is truly exceptional.

Scattered with golden tips this Assam breakfast blend is both clean and rich with hints of malt notes. A deep dark liquor means it is great drunk with or without milk, making it the ideal morning cup of tea.



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