Enjoy our selection of teas from Novus Award-winning Teas. The Great Taste Awards, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, is the acknowledged benchmark for speciality food and drink. It has been described as the ‘Oscars’ of the food world and the ‘epicurean equivalent of the Booker prize’. Quite simply the Great Taste logo is the sign you can trust when buying food and drink in your local, quality retailer or online retailer.

Typically a judging panel at Great taste includes Michelin starred chefs, food writers and critics as well as buyers from the likes of Whole Foods Market and Fortnum & Mason for example. To achieve one gold star, all 15 judges have to return a verdict that the product is exceptional, a stern test for any product indeed. To achieve double gold star and even triple gold star awards then these products are truly an outstanding example.

Novus Tea started entering product at Great Taste Awards really to get some independent feedback on their teas back in 2009, and since have won countless awards year after year, highlighting their consistency at selecting the very best tea crop. Novus Tea has always sought to source the finest examples of tea types, delivering exceptional taste and flavour, and great taste allows them to stay true to their mission.

They have recently used Great Taste as a method of feedback on new varieties and blends which meant that in 2013 they won a single gold medal for Marakesh Mint and Lovers leap (a stunning tea flower, also due for release) and Fleur D’Orient Oolong won double gold, and has been added to their leaf-list, and will hopefully feature in a pyramid bag very soon.

They also make great Christmas gifts for any tea lover. Pop in today and sample some of these delicious teas with a lovely homemade mince pie or cake.


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