With so many teas to choose from why not make your own prescription so you can enjoy the right tea for the right reason?

Wake Up Call – try Turmeric Tea which is an anti-inflammatory

Midmorning Cuppa – try Green Tea as this can boost your metabolism

Afternoon Tipple – have a Black Tea as this gives you energy and focus.

Bedtime – before you pop to bed have a Chamomile Tea to help you calm down and relax before you go to bed.

Feeling a Bit Under The Weather – try Chai Tea as this can boost your immune system.

Got a Sore Throat – then try Lemon & Honey Tea as this can relieve the pain of a sore throat.

Feeling a Bit Sickly – drink some Ginger Tea which is renowned for its tummy-settling abilities.

Feeling Bloated – drink some Peppermint Tea which is another one well known for how it can help with your digestion.

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