Since 1996 World Egg Day has been celebrated every year on the second Friday in October. In 2021 on 8 October countries throughout the world will join together in many different celebrations of the egg.

World Egg Day was established at Vienna 1996, when it was decided to celebrate the power of the egg on the second Friday in October each year. Since then, egg fans around the world have thought up new creative ways to honour this incredible nutrient powerhouse, and the day of celebration has grown and evolved over time.

This year’s World Egg Day will take place on Friday 8 October and will mark the 25th anniversary of the event. The 2021 celebration will centre around the brilliant versatility of the egg and its multitude of benefits to people at every stage of life.

There are lots of ways you can get involved, from sharing your favourite recipe on social media, to attempting to break a world record!

Head over to the International Egg website for more details and ideas on how to celebrate #WorldEggDay.

Source: International Egg


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