1.Until Victorian times, English upper classes pronounced it ‘tay’. It was seen as the preserve of the rich, and posh ladies would even carry the key to the tea caddy round their necks to keep it safe from maids.

2.Tea now grows in 52 countries – the oldest tree, in China, is 3,200 years old.

3.Scots have the sweetest tooth when it comes to their tea. 41% take sugar with their cuppa, compared to 26% of people in Yorkshire.

4.Ireland has the highest amount of tea consumption per person, with 75% of the population gulping down tea at an average of six cups a day.

5.In the early eighteenth century, due to taxation, the price for 125g of fine quality tea would be equivalent to £150-£180 nowadays.

6.Earl Grey was originally created in 1831 by Twinings for the Prime Minister at the time – the Earl Grey.

7.Tea should be left for two minutes to brew.

8.After water, tea is the second most consumed drink in the world.


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