The Beet wrote this great article on how to grow your own tomatoes which I think you will love.

Did you know that tomatoes are one of the most loved vegetables and herbs. As one of the most popular vegetables, you can grow tomato plants pretty much anywhere, even without a garden.

A container in your backyard or a basket hanging on your balcony are both great options for tomatoes, as long as they can get a lot of direct sunlight and support for their stalks.

While growing them is a breeze, keeping tomatoes healthy is another story. Fungal diseases are these sappy fruits’ worst enemy, especially when the weather becomes hot and humid.

But you can try smaller (and most importantly, hardier) tomato varieties, such as pear, grape, and cherry tomatoes. They generally have greater resistance to blights and other diseases. You can stake, hang, or sprawl them in containers or baskets. It’s hard to think of a wrong way to grow those low-maintenance plants.

With that being said, we don’t mean you can plant them in a random place and expect a bunch of fresh, ripe tomatoes later. The real secret for growing them without a garden is to find the biggest container and set up some cages for the plants to lend on. Only by doing so, the tomatoes won’t bend and break the vines due to their fruits’ heavyweight.

Source: The Beet


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