Healthy Eating Week this year is September 28th-October 4th.

The aim of the Week is to bring the UK together for a dedicated Week, focusing on key health messages and promoting healthy habits. This year’s health challenges are:

  • Eat more wholegrains (Monday);
  • Vary your veg (Tuesday);
  • Drink plenty (Wednesday);
  • Move more (Thursday);
  • Be mind kind (Friday);
  • Get active together (Saturday)*;
  • Eat together (Sunday)*.

This week is all about raising awareness for the charity, and how to eat more healthily, & thanks to this, live a better life! Specifically, the BNF want to encourage and promote, healthy eating and drinking habits, being physically active, food provenance and cooking from scratch as opposed to eating out and ready-made, processed food.

The BNF wants to involve organisations from all sectors, such as corporations, universities, nurseries, libraries, community centres and others in focusing on and promoting these activities. Both individuals and organisations can apply to take part in the week and gain access to free resources that help to educate about these issues. There are also some social media handles being used for the week: @BNFEvents and @Foodafactoflife. You can use these to share the news with BNF and other people taking part in the week.

Healthy Eating Week has 5 health challenges at its heart that it believes will lead to a healthy life:

Have breakfast
Have 5 Fruit & Veg a day
Drink plenty of water
Get active
Make a Change

At the same time, the BNF is allowing organisations to take autonomy on what they decide to focus on and when in the week, as they believe organisations know their members better than the BNF can.


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