Why not join us to celebrate #NationalToastDay on Saturday 23rd February at #thevillagekitchen. We have a great selection of foods you can enjoy on toast from-

Two slices of bloomer toast with jam, marmalade, lemon curd or dripping

Toasted teacake

Poached hen’s eggs on buttered bloomer toast

Poached duck egg with sautéed mushrooms on buttered wholemeal toast

Toasted muffin filled with bacon, or sausage patty with omelette patty and topped with melted cheese

Toasted flatbread filled with bacon, sausage and egg patties, mushrooms and melted cheese

Baked beans or plum tomatoes on buttered bloomer toast – add cheese 95p extra

Mushroom bruschetta – toasted ciabatta topped with sautéed mushrooms in a creamy sauce (with a hint of garlic) parmesan shavings, dressed salad and coleslaw

Chicken breast and mayonnaise toastie or sandwich


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