Pop in for some cake and some delicious Early Grey Tea.

According to WikipediaEarl Grey tea is a tea blend which has been flavoured with the addition of oil of bergamotBergamot is a variety of orange that is often grown in Italy and France. The rind’s fragrant oil is added to black tea to give Earl Grey its signature pungent punch.[1] Traditionally, Earl Grey was made from black teas, but tea companies have since begun to offer Earl Grey in other varieties as well, such as green or oolong”.

The Earl Grey blend, or “Earl Grey’s Mixture”, is assumed to be named after Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey, British Prime Minister in the 1830s and author of the Reform Bill of 1832. He reputedly received a gift, probably a diplomatic perquisite, of tea flavoured with bergamot oil.[4]

Eight health reasons to drink Earl Grey tea are –

  • Energy booster. Love your daily dose of coffee? …
  • Enhances digestion. Earl Grey Tea can also aid digestion and digestion related problems. …
  • Dental benefits. …
  • Boosts immunity. …
  • Protects your heart from cholesterol. …
  • Weight loss. …
  • Fights cold. …
  • Eases stress.


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