This Scottish Quick Bread is said to have taken its name from the Stone of Destiny (or Scone) the place where Scottish kings were once crowned.

It is especially popular in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and Ireland.

The original triangular shaped scone was made with oats and griddle-baked.

Today’s scones are more flour-based and baked in the oven and made of wheat, barley or oatmeal with baking powder. They can include raisins, currants, or cheese.

In 2005 it was estimated that the UK scone market was worth £64m, showing a 9% increase over the previous five years. I’m sure a report now would value it as a lot more than that as the popularity for the traditional ‘afternoon tea’ (which includes scones) has rocketed.

Lucy’s home made scones are becoming quite a talking point and are available to eat in or take home –

Lots of homemade scones available at the cafe to eat in or take home ❤️
Mixed fruit
Mature cheddar
Stilton and walnut ❤️




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