Did you know that there is an art to steeping your tea ? Get it wrong and the tea can taste quite different. Not sure how long to steep your tea?
Tea Type  Temperature  Steep it for
Black         206°F – 97°C 2-3 minutes
Green        175°F – 79°C 1 minute
Herbal      208°F – 98°C 4-5 minutes
Oolong     195°F – 90°C 3 minutes
White       175°F – 80°C 30 seconds
Mate         208°F – 98°C 5-6 minutes
Rooibos   208°F – 98°C 5-6 minutes
Chai          low boil 10-10 minutes

There is a great article here on how to make tea with everything you may want to know about steeping your tea for the best taste.


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