We have all read how much tea can be good for you but did you realise what it was that is in tea that is good for us and why?

1.Tea has ‘Polyphenols’ in it which according to research could help to prevent blood clotting, help lower cholesterol levels, help stop cancer promoters, help to kick start the immune system and help to neutralize enzymes that aid in the growth of tumours.

2.Although we know that teeth can be discoloured with the caffeine in it tea also has fluoride in which is good for strong teeth.

3.Of course the good news is that it has virtually no calories but what researchers don’t know is if decaffeinated tea has the same level of polyphenols.

4. It can help delay ageing.

5. It helps blood pressure.

6. It can fight against viral and bacterial infections.

7. It improves the functions of the digestive and excretory system.

So, if all the above is not an excuse to drink at least two to four cups of tea a day, then nothing will.



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