If you head to Dunelm Mill you will soon see that even baking equipment has gone retro. They have old-fashioned retro Tala Cake Tins (£12),  Hanson Kitchen Scales  (£14) and Tala Icing Syringe Set (£20) in a gift set that looks so retro, you’d think it was your Granny’s. The Tala Retro Flour Sifter (£7.50) looks fab, the Elements Grey Retro Metal Bread Bin (£12) looks like it’s come out of a film set. All the kitchen retro gadgets are great for your kitchen and not expensive to buy.

All of their cookwear takes you back in time and makes you think of recipes you had that hold the family together. Food has the power to transport you back in time. You could start your own book of recipes with memories and pictures attached to them, Etsy have some great personalised recipe books (£12.99).



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